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We help businesses communicate their offering to the digital world using digital content, digital marketing techniques and translation services. Everything revolves around exceptional content, which is the core of our business.

Translation Services

Translation services are the direct link between you and your audience; specifically those that resonate more to content written in their mother tongue.

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Digital Content

Digital content is at the centre of all online communication and is often overlooked as "everyone knows how to write". It's the manner in which you write that makes the difference.

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Digital Marketing

Find your audience in the online space that they frequent, and market directly to them using a range of digital marketing techniques, from SEO to PPC and social media.

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The people who make things happen

Archetype Copywriting is led by Katherine Stott, but she is assisted on many levels by some of the most talented freelance specialists out there.

Louis Stevens

Louis Stevens Freelance Copywriter

Louis Stevens is a freelance copywriter assists on many ongoing content projects and retainers and also assists on a number of copywriting projects.

Senamile Mhlongo

Senamile Mhlongo PPC Specialist

Senamile Mhlongo is a freelance digital marketing specialist with her focus being on PPC, Adwords and social media advertising.

Katherine Stott Owner And Director

Katherine Stott - aka kopykatastrophe or Kopy Kat - is the owner, director and mother of Archetype Copywriting. Her speciality focus is on content, as well as SEO and social media.

Lovely things our clients have said

  • Gareth McWilliams

    We assist Gareth and his team at Zoo Biscuit with proofreading and content requirements for their client, RMB.
  • Moagisi Sibanda

    We helped Moagisi and her team at Southern African Trust by conducting an SEO audit on their site and hosting an SEO workshop to help them understand how to optimise their new site for SEO.
  • Denise Thomas

    We worked with Denise and her team at Awethu Ventures with setting up a small business called we.can.talk. We offered them services in SEO web content and social media setup.
  • I cannot express how happy I am that we have such a great resource like yourself assisting with these projects.

  • Thank you so much for being part of this revamp, and for the workshop, advice and feedback on this project. It is much appreciated!

  • Thank you so much for all you did to help us launch we.can.talk. Your advice, your energy, your insight, talent and your baby network are indelibly written in our first chapter. We hope that it was as enjoyable for you and that your businesses go from strength to strength.

Latest news

While we do love being able to sit and write for hours about the stuff we love, we’re more often than not working on exactly that for our clients. For this reason, our news section is not always being populated with delicious content, but when it is… it’s so worth the read!

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