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Digital content and SEO specialists

Using content and digital marketing techniques, we help people define and communicate their offering to the digital world, assisting them in creating awareness about their brand and building traffic to their sites.

Our story

Archetype Copywriting came into being in 2007, offering digital content services to businesses, both locally – in Johannesburg, South Africa – and abroad. Archetype originally specifically serviced the content requirements for search engine optimisation but has since grown into a full-service content production house by incorporating digital marketing strategy and implementation as well as translations into the mix.

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Why us?

We pride ourselves on offering personal service at the end of the line or email thread. Our clients are never in any doubt as to who is working on their projects and there is always open communication around clear and transparent agreements. At the end of the day, quality is what we strive for. Nothing less than perfect and professional will do.

We don’t start on any projects until everyone is 100% happy with the direction and the steps that have been put in place. Prioritising each step is of paramount importance.

Methodically and logically. One step at a time. Before we can move onto the next level of work, we need buy in and sign off from all parties involved. That way, we don’t waste time and everyone is happy with each step of the process.

Our clients are our friends and we treat them as such. We are open and honest about everything we do and are not afraid to tell people when we think what they’re doing is not going to work. There’s no point in building relationships on unstable foundations.

To continue successfully servicing the great array of clients that we already have, while creating space for other businesses to jump on board.

Our Skills

We know the world of digital, inside and out. When it comes to writing for the web, there are specifics that we stick to and we know that our professional delivery and consistency are the prime elements that allow us to help businesses stand out from the rest. We’re also just really cool and down to earth people… that really helps keep things real!

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Our director

Archetype Copywriting is the non-biological baby of Katherine Stott, a trained yoga and pilates professional who decided that writing was to be her career of choice. She started off in the world of digital PR and soon found a niche writing SEO web content for international clients. South Africa was only just cottoning onto the idea of search engine optimisation and so a lucrative avenue for freelance work became available.
She worked for online marketing companies like Stargaze Media and Quirk, but running her own show was always going to find favour.
The rest… as they say… is history.

Katherine Stott Owner And Director

Katherine Stott - aka kopykatastrophe or Kopy Kat - is the owner, director and mother of Archetype Copywriting. Her speciality focus is on content, as well as SEO and social media.

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