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Importance Of Work Life Balance As A Freelance Copywriter

It seems to be the norm for most freelancers to work into all hours of the night, and even on weekends, simply to meet deadlines. Sleep is foregone, social lives take a back seat and any hope of maintaining a normal family existence dissipates into thin air. As a freelance copywriter, I’ve often found myself in this position, but it’s something I now work extremely hard to prevent and a place I won’t go back to again.

It’s obvious as to why these situations arise and equally as obvious as to why it’s so difficult to avoid them as a freelancer:

  • You don’t want to lose out on any potential business because your income is not set. There is a fear that you won’t receive any opportunities after this one, so you cannot ever say no
  • You also want to keep your clients happy because of the above point. Any clients you do have are gold

So more often than not, freelancers will accept any and all projects that come their way, regardless of whether they have the capacity to handle them or not. With over ten years of experience in freelance writing I can tell you that this is the worst possible decision you can  ever make for yourself and your clients, and I’ll tell you why.

Katherine StottImportance Of Work Life Balance As A Freelance Copywriter
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A Case Study In The Efficiency Of SEO Web Content

As a writer of SEO web content and a specialist content writer, I am honoured and grateful for all the work of this nature that is sent my way. It’s also because of this work that I don’t spend much time optimising my website or website content. A mechanics car is never running… as the adage goes. But it’s really silly to deny myself the services I offer to so many businesses around the world. So I decided to take one page of my website and conduct a little case study into the efficiency of properly structured and well-written SEO web content.

I love what I do and I really enjoy helping clients achieve their goals using my experience and SEO web content services, so I became quite excited to be affording myself some of the benefit too.

Katherine StottA Case Study In The Efficiency Of SEO Web Content
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Starbucks SA – A Lesson In FOMO, Branding And Social Media

Starbucks made its official debut in South Africa today after a sensational social media build-up. Rosebank, Johannesburg has been deemed the first worthy host for the internationally acclaimed coffee shop, attracting thousands of Jozi-based South Africans to their outlet for a taste of the much-talked about coffee. This store is the first of a planned 150 – 200 Starbucks coffee shops that are set to sweep across the nation over the next few years, and it definitely got South Africans talking.

As a coffee lover (I’d like to consider myself a bit of a coffee connoisseur) I honestly found myself shaking my head in disbelief at the throngs of people queuing up for their frappuccinos and cappuccinos, but I also realise that it’s simply a matter of personal taste. Me personally? I would rather have a cup of our locally available Seattle Coffee Co, vida e caffé or even a homely, yet satisfying Mugg & Bean coffee. Starbucks tastes like sand. Sorry, Starbucks. You’re clearly not for everyone, but let’s also remember that this is simply my opinion. Add caramel sauce, whipped cream and yes, you’ve got me hooked (I do enjoy me a Caramel Frappuccino)… but the straight up coffee just never grabbed me. And yet from midnight last night, people were queuing outside Starbucks to hand over their rands for what I call an average cup of coffee. Prices are pretty much aligned with other local coffee shops, but is it even the coffee they are there for?

Katherine StottStarbucks SA – A Lesson In FOMO, Branding And Social Media
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Keywords Versus Content Relevance

In a world where so many people profess that keyword research is dead, there are those among us who know that it can’t be, or maybe won’t ever be. Keywords offer a tangible means for content to be categorised, filed and managed, and it doesn’t make sense to me that this means of making content available in search according to relevant search queries could ever be done away with. I stand corrected, but even if Google can recognise intent via semantic search, there are still definite key phrases that aid the search engine giant in making sense of what a user wants.

Katherine StottKeywords Versus Content Relevance
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Video – The Importance Of Content Marketing Services

We had loads of fun making this little video; a first for us and first of many! Have a look. It’s more of an advertorial for our content marketing services, but we’d still love to know what you think about it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Trolling and negativity… not so much! In South Africa, video content has never been as widely accepted as it has overseas because of our incredibly slow Internet connectivity. Luckily the times are changing and with more service providers and options on board, we are finally able to enjoy faster Internet and ample video content!

Oh, and if you loved it and you want us to make you one… get in touch and we’ll gladly do so!

Katherine StottVideo – The Importance Of Content Marketing Services
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10 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

With the dawn of 2016, I’ve heard a number of gripes and moans around the social sphere about how short the holidays were and how awful it is to be going back to work. I’m a glass half full kinda gal, and I know that that griping and moaning is only going to breed more negativity and set you off on the wrong foot for the new year. No matter what kind of business or job you find yourself in, you can maintain a “can do” attitude and you can find enjoyment in your work. The fact that you have a job should be reason enough to express gratitude, but sometimes we forget how fortunate we actually are.

Katherine Stott10 Ways To Boost Your Productivity
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The Dos And Don’ts Of Social Media Scheduling

In the field of digital marketing, time is of the essence and we need to be organised to stay efficient and to be effective. Each project comes with so many different levels of communication that start within your personal team, run into the broader circle that includes your clients, and then extend even further to incorporate the client’s audience. Staying on top of our work and each conversation is made easier with the use of tools that allow us to be more productive. Social automation tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck, as well as Facebook’s built-in scheduling tool, are perfect examples. They allow us to schedule multiple pieces of content in one go, freeing up time later in the day or week. But does there come a point where we rely too heavily on scheduling and not being present enough in our work?

Katherine StottThe Dos And Don’ts Of Social Media Scheduling
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Using Press Releases For SEO And Inbound Marketing

I read an article recently that sparked some interest in me, particularly because of the opinions that were opposite to mine. It was published on Authority Labs and it was an honest look into the value of using press releases for SEO purposes. A question was posed to industry experts by Melissa Fach: “Can you tell me what you think about press releases as an SEO strategy?”

Melissa, much respect to you, but straight off the bat, the question is incorrect and misleading… because it’s already guiding the board of professionals towards a one-dimensional use of press releases as a standalone strategy, which is never the case. Had the question been more along the lines of using press releases as a part of an SEO strategy, then there might have been a different overall response. Still, the answers were interesting and thought provoking.

Katherine StottUsing Press Releases For SEO And Inbound Marketing
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Weird Al Yankovic’s Word Crimes Parody

Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes Parody | Archetype CopywritingI shamelessly admit to loving the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Anything with that much percussion and the right type of bass will always make me want to get up and shake what my mother gave me! But the best parts of that song actually just got better. Take the beat, the percussion, the bass and the melody and infuse it with Weird Al Yankovic’s humourous, quirky and cheeky take on Word Crimes, and you have a magical little piece of YouTube entertainment. It’s a wordsmith’s dream come true, and I can hear a resounding “About time!” from all the writers and journalists around the world.

Archetype CopywritingWeird Al Yankovic’s Word Crimes Parody
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How Ongoing SEO Content Can Help Your Business

Ongoing SEO Content For Your Business-ArchetypeCopywritingThe SEO fundis out there will be saying “duh, obvious!” And yes, perhaps it is to some, but I’ve encountered many people over the last few months who don’t really realise the value in ongoing SEO content. A lot of people who aren’t very familiar with online marketing think you simply have to “SEO” a site and all the work is done. While a great SEO and content audit and following through with the recommendations will set you in good stead for rankings, the work is never done.

To keep your site visible in search engine rankings, you need to take a different perspective to the one where you simply put a great site together and hope for the best:

  • You have to keep working at your online presence
  • You have to continue to offer something new and fresh to the people of the Internet
  • You have to keep making people want to come back to your site
Archetype CopywritingHow Ongoing SEO Content Can Help Your Business
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