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A Case Study In The Efficiency Of SEO Web Content

As a writer of SEO web content and a specialist content writer, I am honoured and grateful for all the work of this nature that is sent my way. It’s also because of this work that I don’t spend much time optimising my website or website content. A mechanics car is never running… as the adage goes. But it’s really silly to deny myself the services I offer to so many businesses around the world. So I decided to take one page of my website and conduct a little case study into the efficiency of properly structured and well-written SEO web content.

I love what I do and I really enjoy helping clients achieve their goals using my experience and SEO web content services, so I became quite excited to be affording myself some of the benefit too.

My Experiment In How SEO Web Content Works

I took a page from my website entitled SEO Web Content for the purposes of this experiment. Up until the 19th of May 2017, this page had not been populated with any web content. I had literally just left it blank because at the time of building my website, I ran out of time to finish it off and never got back to it. Total fail. But anyway… moving on. On this date in May 2017, I measured my ranking for the following keywords on Google South Africa:

  • SEO web content – not in the top 50
  • SEO web content services – ranked 19

For a business that offers SEO web content services to South Africans (and obviously businesses abroad, but my focus for the purposes of this experiment was SA) this was unacceptable.

I took some time to write up a bit of web content for this page and used my expertise to write and engaging title tag, a persuasive meta description, headings, sub-headings and the body copy, which details an outline of my SEO website copywriting process. I then submitted the page to Google on completion.

Within a few minutes, my title tag and meta description had been updated in Google ZA, the page had been indexed, and the search result had moved from position 19 to position 14. Note that I conducted the search in a clean browser. THIS is why I love what I do! Is that not the coolest, most tangible reflection of effort?

Google Search Result For SEO Web Content Services

SEO web content, being such a broad term, was still sitting out of the top 50 in Google ZA, so I dug a little deeper to see where exactly and found it lurking at the bottom of page 7. Not ideal, but as it is so broad, I decided to simply keep an eye on it and rather focus my efforts on optimising for the term “SEO web content services”.

Google Search Result for SEO Web Content

One Week Later…

After initiating my experiment and letting everything sit and sizzle for a while, I checked back on Google ZA from my clean Google account and saw that my search result had jumped to page one of Google. It now currently sits at position number five, which I’m quite happy about and will now work towards maintaining.

Experimenting With SEO Web Content, Title Tags And Rankings

It just goes to show that small changes can make a big impact, and that even by simply updating your title tags, meta description and SEO web content, you can enhance the rankings of an old page that isn’t performing too well. I’m off to go and do it to another page and see where that experiment takes me!

If you’d like me to take a look at your web content, conduct an SEO audit or implement new SEO copywriting for your website, please drop me a line here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Katherine StottA Case Study In The Efficiency Of SEO Web Content