Content Marketing

Keywords Versus Content Relevance

In a world where so many people profess that keyword research is dead, there are those among us who know that it can’t be, or maybe won’t ever be. Keywords offer a tangible means for content to be categorised, filed and managed, and it doesn’t make sense to me that this means of making content available in search according to relevant search queries could ever be done away with. I stand corrected, but even if Google can recognise intent via semantic search, there are still definite key phrases that aid the search engine giant in making sense of what a user wants.

Katherine StottKeywords Versus Content Relevance
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Video – The Importance Of Content Marketing Services

We had loads of fun making this little video; a first for us and first of many! Have a look. It’s more of an advertorial for our content marketing services, but we’d still love to know what you think about it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Trolling and negativity… not so much! In South Africa, video content has never been as widely accepted as it has overseas because of our incredibly slow Internet connectivity. Luckily the times are changing and with more service providers and options on board, we are finally able to enjoy faster Internet and ample video content!

Oh, and if you loved it and you want us to make you one… get in touch and we’ll gladly do so!

Katherine StottVideo – The Importance Of Content Marketing Services
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Creating Content Google Likes

CreatingContentGoogleLikes-ArchetypeCopywritingIn case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in the age of content. If you’re a content developer, content producer or writer, you’re in a very good space, specifically if you write for the web. With Google controlling how we search the Internet, it’s only logical that websites adopt certain standards in order to feature in said search results.

What used to be a game of links and technicalities, is now all about value and offering heaps of it to web users, in fact creating content Google likes is the same as writing content that users will like. They now exist as the same thing. Google has become a lot more intelligent and if you’re not offering a quality experience to your users, they’ll find out about it and rank you accordingly; as in, at the bottom of the pile!

Archetype CopywritingCreating Content Google Likes
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The Value of Great Website Content

The Value of Great Website Content - Archetype CopywritingThere is a lot to be said about website content and how it ties a web experience together. With changes on the SEO landscape, we are now noticing how content is taking its rightful place as the central element from which all other marketing aspects branch off. There is no more room for illegal practices that focus on spewing out reams of nonsensical rubbish for users to read; the focus has now shifted to where it should be – on creating value.

The Many Guises Of Content

When we speak about website content, most people assume it’s written blogs or articles we’re talking about. Yes, great website content is primarily made up of written pages of exceptional information, but there are other forms of content that can be included into this broad description:

Archetype CopywritingThe Value of Great Website Content
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