Importance Of Work Life Balance As A Freelance Copywriter

It seems to be the norm for most freelancers to work into all hours of the night, and even on weekends, simply to meet deadlines. Sleep is foregone, social lives take a back seat and any hope of maintaining a normal family existence dissipates into thin air. As a freelance copywriter, I’ve often found myself in this position, but it’s something I now work extremely hard to prevent and a place I won’t go back to again.

It’s obvious as to why these situations arise and equally as obvious as to why it’s so difficult to avoid them as a freelancer:

  • You don’t want to lose out on any potential business because your income is not set. There is a fear that you won’t receive any opportunities after this one, so you cannot ever say no
  • You also want to keep your clients happy because of the above point. Any clients you do have are gold

So more often than not, freelancers will accept any and all projects that come their way, regardless of whether they have the capacity to handle them or not. With over ten years of experience in freelance writing I can tell you that this is the worst possible decision you can  ever make for yourself and your clients, and I’ll tell you why.

Katherine StottImportance Of Work Life Balance As A Freelance Copywriter
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