Finding Trusted Online Marketing Resources

Go-ToList-Trusted-Online-Marketing-ThePhysicalEvolutionThere are probably a gazillion articles currently circulating the web about how to improve your site rankings, how to make the most of your social media platforms and how best to communicate your message to the worldwide web. A gazillion might be a slight exaggeration, but trust me, there are loads! What’s tricky is knowing which ones to trust and which to avoid. If you’re not working within the field of SEO, social, content or online marketing, you might not have a list of reputable resources to rely on, so for future reference, we’ve put together a summary of the who’s who in online information.

We’d obviously like to say that we are your number source for all things content and SEO related and that you should throw all your money at us, but we also learn from others… so this is quite a humble and honest take on who we go to for the latest trends, news and updates. Here’s our list of our personal most trusted online marketing resources.

Archetype CopywritingFinding Trusted Online Marketing Resources
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The Importance Of SEO And Content Audits

Importance-Of-SEO-And-Content-Audits-ArchetypeCopywritingSite audits have such a huge role to play in the optimal functioning and experience of your site. For the purposes of this article, I’d like to divide site audits into SEO audits and content audits and tackle each one separately, with marginal overlaps between the two.

If you think about and understand how Google verifies whether or not you’re worthy to feature in any ranking results, you’ll know that your site has to be of a certain quality in order to surface. Google only wants to offer users the best of the bunch when it comes to web content and websites, which makes it easier for those who really put in some effort to see the rewards.

Archetype CopywritingThe Importance Of SEO And Content Audits
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2013 – Year In Review For SEO And Content

2013-Year In Review for SEO and Content - ArchetypeCopywriting2013 was a big year for SEO and content. With many updates, a Google algorithm change and an even tighter focus on content; the online marketing landscape changed forever. We’ve been preaching it the whole year and we’ll say it again – content is the underlying factor that will make or break your website.

Panda, Penguin And Their Legacies

Panda and Penguin have become a part of everyday conversation in online marketing circles. Panda updates downgraded the rankings of sites with poor or “thin” content, while Penguin took stabs at sites making use of dodgy link building tactics.

Archetype Copywriting2013 – Year In Review For SEO And Content
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