Using Press Releases For SEO And Inbound Marketing

I read an article recently that sparked some interest in me, particularly because of the opinions that were opposite to mine. It was published on Authority Labs and it was an honest look into the value of using press releases for SEO purposes. A question was posed to industry experts by Melissa Fach: “Can you tell me what you think about press releases as an SEO strategy?”

Melissa, much respect to you, but straight off the bat, the question is incorrect and misleading… because it’s already guiding¬†the board of professionals towards a one-dimensional use of press releases as a standalone strategy, which is never the case.¬†Had the question been more along the lines of using press releases as a part of an SEO strategy, then there might have been a different overall response. Still, the answers were interesting and thought provoking.

Katherine StottUsing Press Releases For SEO And Inbound Marketing
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How Ongoing SEO Content Can Help Your Business

Ongoing SEO Content For Your Business-ArchetypeCopywritingThe SEO fundis out there will be saying “duh, obvious!” And yes, perhaps it is to some, but I’ve encountered many people over the last few months who don’t really realise the value in ongoing SEO content. A lot of people who aren’t very familiar with online marketing think you simply have to “SEO” a site and all the work is done. While a great SEO and content audit and following through with the recommendations will set you in good stead for rankings, the work is never done.

To keep your site visible in search engine rankings, you need to take a different perspective to the one where you simply put a great site together and hope for the best:

  • You have to keep working at your online presence
  • You have to continue to offer something new and fresh to the people of the Internet
  • You have to keep making people want to come back to your site
Archetype CopywritingHow Ongoing SEO Content Can Help Your Business
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Why Do You Need SEO?

WhyDoYouNeedSEO-ArchetypeCopywritingA question asked by many, but often tossed aside by those dealing with more advanced SEO issues. Why do you need SEO for your site? We take a very quick look at what search engines want and how that is delivered via a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Before you can understand why your business needs SEO (search engine optimisation), you first need to understand what SEO is.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a means to getting your business found on the Internet. There are almost 4 billion pages of content on the web and the numbers are growing steadily. This makes it increasingly difficult for your website to be found, unless you optimise it for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO helps your site get found by these search engines by changing the way the site information is read.

Archetype CopywritingWhy Do You Need SEO?
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Penguin 2.0 Has Hit

Penguin 2.0 Has Hit - Archetype Copywriting
Those in the know with regards to SEO will already be familiar with Google algorithm updates such as Penguin and Panda. For those who aren’t that au faix with these terms, basically they are substantial updates that Google makes to their search engine algorithm, that affect the results that are fed to you – the user – when you’re searching for something on the web.

In the past, it was quite easy for sites and SEO practitioners to “pull the wool over Google’s eyes” by making use of link farms, link directories and low quality content that served no value for the end user. Well, times and things have changed – for the better, I might add. The modern day SEO professional needs to have a custom strategy for each client and needs to build strong relationships within the online world in order to make a success of his or her projects.

Archetype CopywritingPenguin 2.0 Has Hit
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