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Creating Content Google Likes

CreatingContentGoogleLikes-ArchetypeCopywritingIn case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in the age of content. If you’re a content developer, content producer or writer, you’re in a very good space, specifically if you write for the web. With Google controlling how we search the Internet, it’s only logical that websites adopt certain standards in order to feature in said search results.

What used to be a game of links and technicalities, is now all about value and offering heaps of it to web users, in fact creating content Google likes is the same as writing content that users will like. They now exist as the same thing. Google has become a lot more intelligent and if you’re not offering a quality experience to your users, they’ll find out about it and rank you accordingly; as in, at the bottom of the pile!

How Does Google Value Your Site?

Quite simply put, Google wants you to give your users what they’re looking for and if you can’t, they will send your users elsewhere. If your pages show a high bounce rate on Google Analytics, it means that your content is not informative enough or it doesn’t match up to the search query that took you there. That’s a massive fail in Google’s eyes and a black mark against your name. Likewise, if your pages take a long time to load, Google knows that your users will be getting irritated, which results in further black marks.

So in order to hold onto that valuable stream of traffic and keep your users happy, there are certain things you need to do:

  • Make sure your site and pages are running optimally
  • Ensure that the key-phrases you are optimising for actually offer context to the pages they lead to
  • Offer informative, useful, engaging web content that users want to read, share and link to. So you need to use this opportunity to become an expert in your field and to showcase your expertise
  • Only post original content, and if using information from anyone else, cite them appropriately in your posts
  • Make sure that each post or page you offer is optimised effectively with clean, user-friendly URLs, engaging and informative titles and descriptions, while being formatted in a way that makes it easy to read

Once you’ve got all of that right, make sure you share your content on social platforms by incorporating each post into your social content plans, specifically on Google +. It’s recently been noted that all posts linking back to sites on Google + carry link juice, which only adds to the authority of your website. It could well be that Google + could contribute to ranking algorithms in the future, although that is pure speculation.

Although this is very concise, the conclusion is that creating and sharing quality content is going to get you places faster than any other marketing trick or tactic.

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