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Finding Trusted Online Marketing Resources

Go-ToList-Trusted-Online-Marketing-ThePhysicalEvolutionThere are probably a gazillion articles currently circulating the web about how to improve your site rankings, how to make the most of your social media platforms and how best to communicate your message to the worldwide web. A gazillion might be a slight exaggeration, but trust me, there are loads! What’s tricky is knowing which ones to trust and which to avoid. If you’re not working within the field of SEO, social, content or online marketing, you might not have a list of reputable resources to rely on, so for future reference, we’ve put together a summary of the who’s who in online information.

We’d obviously like to say that we are your number source for all things content and SEO related and that you should throw all your money at us, but we also learn from others… so this is quite a humble and honest take on who we go to for the latest trends, news and updates. Here’s our list of our personal most trusted online marketing resources.


When it comes to the ever-evolving art of SEO there are so many “experts” out there dying to steal your cash and take you for a ride. The fact that the general public knows little about how SEO works makes them prime targets for fly-by-nights and sheisters who employ quick-fix black hat SEO techniques that will ultimately ruin their chances of rankings. Brush up on your SEO, learn a little more about what it involves by following the content on these sites:

  • Archetype Copywriting – who are they? Oh… it’s us! Okay, seriously now…
  • Matt Cutts – he’s the head of Web Spam at Google, so he has first-hand knowledge of what not to do with regards to SEO
  • Google Webmaster YouTube Channel – there are loads of informative videos posted regularly as well as video posts by Matt Cutts where he answers user questions
  • Moz – formerly SEOMoz, they’re now poised as more of an online marketing platform, but it’s actually just semantics; they’re still a great go-to source for SEO information
  • Whiteboard Friday – this is one of Moz’s babies, usually brought to you by the bearded Rand Fishkin (another great resource). You can usually trust that the weekly updates are awesome. Admittedly, my favourite resource
  • Search Engine Journal – these guys are a more comprehensive online resource, offering equal amounts of insight into all areas of web marketing
  • Northcutt Consulting – I write for them so I’ve felt the passion they have for inbound marketing, first-hand. They definitely know their stuff
  • Search Engine Land – another all-rounder with great, ongoing content that fuels ideas and answers questions
  • Search Engine Watch – another one of my favourites, offering really great insight provided by a number of exceptional writers
  • SEO Book – same with SEW above, there are loads of skilled, knowledgable writers serving up interesting perspectives and valid information

Social Media

Social media is not as easy as you think. Trust me, I was slightly baffled in the beginning when I just randomly threw posts out and wondered why the masses didn’t flock to my page. It’s another closely monitored art-form that requires in-depth analysis of your brand and audience. There’s loads to learn and there are constant changes to best practice. These guys tell it like it is:


  • Copyblogger – the ever-popular copy resource and the best place to brush up on writing for the web using tutorials and workshops
  • Distilled – so many talented writers in one place. They write about all things “online marketing”, but content is a large focus
  • Content Marketing Institute – great content, fresh ideas, beautifully written
  • Archetype Copywriting – oh yes, they’re featuring twice! I know, I’m being silly now…

Link Building

  • Jon Cooper – he’s nothing short of a genius when it comes to link building. A bright, young marketing superstar with a brain tracked to building organic links into websites. The ideas he comes up with are pretty phenomenal, but he sometimes forgets to post regular updates 😉
  • Michael King – I was first introduced to Mike King via Whiteboard Friday and his ideas were so fresh, I started following him on Twitter and really paying attention to what he has to say. Another link building great who just gets it!
  • Moz – they need no further introduction

General Online Awesomeness

  • Mashable – it’s smashing!
  • Seth Godin – just click on the link, it will make sense after about 30 seconds. Genius

That is all and it’s a pleasure. Now go and be awesome yourselves with all this knowledge you’ve gained from these superb, trusted online marketing resources.

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