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Keywords Versus Content Relevance

In a world where so many people profess that keyword research is dead, there are those among us who know that it can’t be, or maybe won’t ever be. Keywords offer a tangible means for content to be categorised, filed and managed, and it doesn’t make sense to me that this means of making content available in search according to relevant search queries could ever be done away with. I stand corrected, but even if Google can recognise intent via semantic search, there are still definite key phrases that aid the search engine giant in making sense of what a user wants.

Lest we forget the user… that’s who it’s all about, right? Which is why this Whiteboard Friday video speaks directly to my heart and all the reasons we do what we do. Combining the knowledge we have on what search engines are looking for with the human factor that stems from what a user really wants is where it’s at. It’s 100% logical. It’s not a feud of keywords versus content relevance. It’s not black or white. It’s a smooth and ethical process of simply understanding how your content can feed the needs of people who want or need to know more. This – I am passionate about. Understanding what the audience is thirsting for, finding a way to categorise this using keywords and valuable phrases, and then combining all of that into an informative, inspiring and thought-provoking piece of written content.

If you have eight minutes and 11 seconds to spare, then watch this video on how we can combine the age old with the new, the search engine with the user, keywords with the topic, so that we can do away with keywords versus content relevance by combining them into one.

As a side note, we don’t often get the opportunity to write thought-provoking content for Archetype because we’re too busy doing it for our clients. If you’d like the opportunity to see how content can transform your offering to the world, then give us a shout. We love chatting content with anyone and everyone. Peace out.

Katherine StottKeywords Versus Content Relevance