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How Ongoing SEO Content Can Help Your Business

Ongoing SEO Content For Your Business-ArchetypeCopywritingThe SEO fundis out there will be saying “duh, obvious!” And yes, perhaps it is to some, but I’ve encountered many people over the last few months who don’t really realise the value in ongoing SEO content. A lot of people who aren’t very familiar with online marketing think you simply have to “SEO” a site and all the work is done. While a great SEO and content audit and following through with the recommendations will set you in good stead for rankings, the work is never done.

To keep your site visible in search engine rankings, you need to take a different perspective to the one where you simply put a great site together and hope for the best:

  • You have to keep working at your online presence
  • You have to continue to offer something new and fresh to the people of the Internet
  • You have to keep making people want to come back to your site

While you might think that your particular business is really not interesting to the greater community of web users, there will always be a niche group of people who are passionate about your product or service or who work in the same field. By targeting these people specifically using SEO tactics and the right formatting for the web, you’re on your way to gaining an audience. Once you have an audience, the opportunity for growth and expansion into bigger audiences becomes a possibility.

Why Ongoing SEO Content Helps

Ongoing content that is added to your site is a key indicator to Google and other search engines that your site is alive and fresh. It’s a pre-requisite for any website and will always allow you to outrank other sites that are only made up of static pages with no further content being added. The advent of Google Panda has also resulted in the search engine giant cracking down on sites with thin or irrelevant content. This means that the more factual, informative and popular content you can add to your site, the better for your rankings.

Adding ongoing fresh content to your site also offers you the ability to add new keywords to your site, thus creating more depth to your SEO strategy and more possibility that your pages will rank for those keywords and that your site will be found by web users.

Skills Promotion Without Self-Promotion

This could be construed as a contradiction, but it’s pretty much the way you should be looking at your ongoing SEO content. While you are more than likely brilliant at what you do and the service you offer are of prime value, people don’t want to read about you blowing your own horn. People want to read about things that are relevant to them, things that are also interesting and informative. Telling the world about how you nailed 100 sales in 100 hours is impressive, and perhaps you could write a newsworthy press release about it… but when it comes to the content you’re offering to inform people and to keep them engaged, you have to think about what they want to read, not what you want to write. So how do you do that?

When writing your content you need to input your skills, expertise and authority into your articles, but you need to do it in a way that is passive and isn’t all about preening your ego. Share your insight and your experience, but do it in a way that is of assistance to others, rather than as an attempt to get more business. Create a space where people can ask your opinion and request assistance if they need it. A lot of people will come to you purely for content – which in turns boosts your traffic levels and will enhance your web presence – but there will be those who come to you for your services too.

Tools To Get You Going

When you’re ready to start publishing your ongoing SEO content, there are a few things you need to look at when it comes to creating the ideas for content and the content itself.

  • Start with a small brainstorming session to get some ideas and topics flowing. Once you have some ideas, put the keywords into the Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest or Soovle and see what comes up trumps in terms of popularity
  • Look at your target market and try to identify what that specific demographic wants to read about. Again, you can punch these ideas into your chosen keyword tool and see if people are actually searching for content of this type
  • Write down your ideas and see how you can relate other topics that follow on from these initial posts. In this way you can create a network of ongoing SEO content that feeds from one post into another. If your audience is engaged with the first post, they’ll be likely to come back and read the follow ups as they relate to their field of interest
  • Create a content plan and stick to it

One of the most awesome tools I’ve discovered to date is Buzzsumo – an app that gives you an incredible amount of insight into topics, authors and actual content within a requested niche. I can’t praise it enough and it’s completely free to use. Simply punch a keyphrase into Buzzsumo in the Top Content tab and a list of articles will be returned. You’ll be able to link through to the article and also see how many times it’s been shared on the relevant social platforms. Take the leading topics and use them as inspiration for your own content. You can see it already relates to your field of expertise, it’s already popular and garners attention and numerous shares.

You can also take your existing keyphrase on Buzzsumo and click over to the Influencers tab to see who is creating the most compelling content relating to your search term. Follow them on Twitter to see what other content they add and how they structure their own content plans. Learning from the best can only afford you great results.

Further down the line, once you’ve been creating content on a more regular basis, you can look at your analytics to see what content has performed the best. You’ll find that there are certain trends that can be identified and used as inspiration when brainstorming your new upcoming content.

Share all your content on your social platforms and via email marketing if you have that set up. Posting regularly will help your audience latch onto a routine and will help them develop a relationship with you as well as an association of great content and information with your business.

Archetype CopywritingHow Ongoing SEO Content Can Help Your Business