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Blog And Article Content Writing – Your Opportunity For Leverage On The Web

Any decent SEO strategy worth its salt will encompass blog and article content writing as a part of the ongoing work. Once you have a solid foundation built in the form of a user-friendly, SEO compliant website, the next step is finding inventive and interesting ways to speak about your brand. This is a business’s opportunity to communicate aspects of the brand, services or products in a way that is not self-promotional, but rather educational and informative. It’s the chance you get to really shine your light as an expert in your field.

We currently write article and blog content for a number of businesses across South Africa, USA and the United Kingdom and we’d love to add your business to the map.

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There are two types of blog and article writing services that form a part of your SEO strategy:

  1. On-site article content
  2. Off-site article content

On-site Blog Writing Services

On-site blog content is the collection of articles that live on your website within your domain. These are used for a dual purpose: to bolster the amount of fresh content that is added to your site on a regular basis and to keep your users engaged with your website and information.

Off-site Article Content Writing Services

Off-site article content is created with the purpose of being posted externally so that it can direct additional traffic to your domain.

Blog And Article Writing Process

We follow a simple yet effective process for creating engaging, thought-provoking article content that you can use for on-site or off-site content. It’s a collaboration of minds, an amalgamation of ideas and an end-result that will take a large amount of pressure away from your business.

By investing in our services for your article writing needs, you will benefit by:

  • Reducing time spent on roles you can outsource
  • Enlisting professional assistance that will get the best results
  • Ensuring that everything written about your business is 100% grammatically correct and original, with perfect spelling and sentence structure

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