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The Value of Great Website Content

The Value of Great Website Content - Archetype CopywritingThere is a lot to be said about website content and how it ties a web experience together. With changes on the SEO landscape, we are now noticing how content is taking its rightful place as the central element from which all other marketing aspects branch off. There is no more room for illegal practices that focus on spewing out reams of nonsensical rubbish for users to read; the focus has now shifted to where it should be – on creating value.

The Many Guises Of Content

When we speak about website content, most people assume it’s written blogs or articles we’re talking about. Yes, great website content is primarily made up of written pages of exceptional information, but there are other forms of content that can be included into this broad description:

  • Video content
  • Imagery
  • Infographics – my favourite
  • Opinion polls
  • Sound clips and audio files
  • Snappy, snarky cartoons – or plain, ordinary cartoons
  • Data representations – diagrams, flow charts etc
  • Crowd-sourced content

This is a very brief list of the kinds of content that can be included, but you get the idea. The point is that Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are now looking at the web experience from a user’s perspective. Offering a user great content that they enjoy and want to consume is a marketing win in Google’s eyes and is something that a website will be rewarded for by way of improved rankings.

What Website Content Are Search Engines Looking For?

Content Answering To Search Queries

It could be anything. It could be a video, it could be a poem, but Google and the like are monitoring activity that expressly depicts a positive user experience. As an example, by measuring activity such as bounce rate – did the user hang around for a while, or does the bounce rate show that he or she left soon after arriving? A high bounce rate would depict one of two things; shoddy content or content that doesn’t match a user’s search query. However, if a user searched for a term that brought him or her to your site for a decent amount of time, the content must good and it also must be answering to the search query the user had originally typed in.

Content That’s Socially Strong

The same is true if your content is being shared on social media channels. If it’s great website content, users will want to share it with their friends and family, which is a clear indication of quality on your part.

Content That Receives Link Authority

If people are linking to your content, it depicts a level of value… unless the linking is to showcase an example of the “Worst Content Ever Written” or something similar. Doubtful. Links from external sources and sites shows a level of authority that provides exceptional value to you as the site owner. It shows that people trust what you have to say and that your opinion on the matter is both valuable and insightful.

All of the above showcase the fact that your content – whatever type it may be – is something that rewards users with information or an experience. Provided you are actively searching for ways to improve this experience or act of dispersing knowledge, you can only win in terms of your website rankings. There are also certain measures that need to be taken when marking up content for search engines – we’ll discuss this in another blog at a later stage – in order for it to be found within search engines, but starting with great content that provides value is the first and biggest step towards success.

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Archetype CopywritingThe Value of Great Website Content

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