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Why Do You Need SEO?

WhyDoYouNeedSEO-ArchetypeCopywritingA question asked by many, but often tossed aside by those dealing with more advanced SEO issues. Why do you need SEO for your site? We take a very quick look at what search engines want and how that is delivered via a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Before you can understand why your business needs SEO (search engine optimisation), you first need to understand what SEO is.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a means to getting your business found on the Internet. There are almost 4 billion pages of content on the web and the numbers are growing steadily. This makes it increasingly difficult for your website to be found, unless you optimise it for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO helps your site get found by these search engines by changing the way the site information is read.

These search engines look for certain things in a website, in order to rank it highly in the results pages. The criteria they look at includes:

  • Content that is relevant to search terms or keywords
  • Quality content that defines you as an authority in your niche
  • Properly formatted content written according to best SEO practice – optimal page structure, inclusion of headings and sub-headings etc.
  • A logical hierarchy of interlinked pages
  • Structured page titles, descriptions and URLs
  • A site that grows with fresh content
  • Inbound links from other quality sites indicating again that you are an authority in your niche

How Will Your Site Be Optimised?

Optimising your site involves careful inclusion of all the above points as a part of the on-going process of SEO. An SEO company can optimise an already existing site, or start the process from scratch with your site build. Either way works.

With an existing site, an SEO audit is conducted to determine what beneficial practices are already in place. Recommendations will be made as to what must change and what can be improved upon. If any of your pages are already ranking, your SEO team will ensure they carry this ranking through by incorporating it into the new SEO strategy.

Your new SEO strategy would be devised in line with the following practices:

    • Conducting research into relevant keywords that people would type into Google or other search engines in order to find your site
    • Writing web content around those keywords, following best on-page optimisation techniques
    • Creating the site pages, URLs, page titles, descriptions, formatting and hierarchy of pages in line with SEO best practice

Once your site is live, an on-going SEO strategy will be devised that will keep your pages in the rankings for your chosen search terms. This includes:

  • Regularly adding fresh content to your site using blogs, PR and other forms of content
  • Devising an inbound link building strategy that seeds your content on the web and social networks
  • Taking appropriate action to help you become an authority in your niche

Download a brochure explaining why you need SEO: Archetype-Marketing-SEO.pdf

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Archetype CopywritingWhy Do You Need SEO?

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