writing title tags for users and search engines
SEO Copywriting
5th August 2020

How To Write Title Tags For Users And Search Engines

It's an ongoing feud - satisfying both user intent and search engines. But if you understand how search engines work, you'll realise that writing content ethically suited to SEO, will…
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19th March 2020

A Freelancer’s Tips For Crushing Work From Home

As a business owner and avid "work from home" fan, the self-isolation thing that comes with the coronavirus outbreak is not new to me. This is my life! Except now…
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Does SEO Copywriting Still Work
SEO Copywriting
24th October 2019

Does SEO Copywriting Still Work?

I have been working in the field of SEO copywriting for 12 years now, and this debate has been front and centre since very early on in my career. It…
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Archetype Copywriting Home Page
2nd May 2018

Yes, this is a new (and awesome) website

Having a web presence is an essential element to making it in the digital world today, even if it's not a website, but some form of social reference to you…
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