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Content Style Guidelines

Content style guidelines ensure you communicate in a consistent voice on all platforms

Give your business that polished, professional edge with content styling and consistency. A typical business will have multiple people writing content for different areas of focus. Each person brings their own voice and their own interpretation of the brand. Content style guidelines help you align all written work to one unified voice. The voice of your business.

The benefits of having a content style guideline

  • Ensure that each post, web page, tweet or document is clearly expressed as one business.
  • Maintain unified communications that are polished and professional with attention paid to the finest detail. Leave nothing to chance by equipping each team member with a singular point of reference for all written content.
  • Ensure that all content is on brand, reflective of the business, and consistent with the way you want to present yourselves.

It’s simple when everyone is on the same page.

How we create your style guidelines

We have simplified the process to minimise effort and maximise benefit. The process of creating content style guidelines relies on initial input from your business before we can get going. This ensures that the results are 100% representative of your brand.

Content style guideline process

1. Discussion

We start by sending you a preliminary Google Doc that asks a few questions about the business communication. We will then have a video chat where we discuss your business and how you want to be perceived by the public. We will ask you for relevant supporting documents and branding guidelines, to help us build up a personality and character file.

2. Research and strategy

We conduct further background research into your business and how you are already communicating online. Using the information received, combined with our research and our own templates, we get to work creating your content style guideline document.

3. Feedback and optimisation

Once done, we will present the initial copy style guide to you and get your feedback. Sometimes, we hit it out of the park, other times, it needs a little refinement. The end result is a beautiful, organic document that can evolve as your brand does.

Get your own content style guideline document to align your communications. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.