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The benefits of email marketing services


Measure the effectiveness of each email marketing campaign. See how many people opened your email, whether or not they engaged with your content and which links they clicked on.


Communicate with each customer or client by addressing them personally by name. Segment databases so that specific customers receive specific communications.


Lead customers directly to the content you want them to connect with. If you’re running a campaign, your customers can click-through to purchase or learn more immediately.

Email marketing is the perfect acquisition and retention tool

Quick to deliver and cost-effective

How we do it

We will set up an email client for you or work with your existing email marketing tools

Email marketing is not dead. It’s still an excellent way to acquire new clients as well as retain existing clients and customers. We will work with you to determine how best to serve your customer-base through the use of professional, direct, personalised email marketing services.

We can have as much or as little control ad you want us to. We can manage the entire process by taking over your email client, or we can simply create the content for your emails and deliver it to you in a Word doc.

Email marketing services delivery process

1. Develop an email marketing strategy

First we will determine your business goals and how we can use email to achieve them. Whether it’s an email drip campaign or monthly news updates that we set out to deliver, each email sent should have a specific purpose and should be planned and executed properly.

2. Refine or segment databases

Your email database is a valuable business asset that needs to be properly maintained. It should be regularly scrubbed for invalid addresses, duplicates or emails that have been captured incorrectly. Unsubscribes should be automatically removed via your email client, but if not, this is an important exercise that needs to be carried out regularly.

3. Create email content

The email content is the core of your entire campaign, with one of the most important aspects being the subject line. We will create content based on the email purpose and will give you a few options for subject lines that we think will attracted attention.

4. Set up deliverables and send

Once we have a concrete strategy, timing and databases lined up, we create the deliverables and send. We will monitor the email send and report back on the success rates.

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