Our paid media services encompass PPC, AdWords and social media advertising

Giving your business that additional edge over your competitors

The benefits of paid media services


Paid media services have the advantage of being fine-tuned to suit your requirements and demographics. Target the right audience on the right channels at the right time.


Building a following or traffic organically requires time and patience. Paid media services give you quicker access and speed to market. Ideal for campaigns or events with a time constraint.


Paid media will slot into your marketing strategy, complementing social media and SEO perfectly. These services will help boost the results, giving you well-rounded results.

Drive real traffic and engagement across social media and the web

With tangible, measurable results

How we do it

Our paid media services get your message to where it needs to be

Gaining the right exposure you need for your business sometimes requires paid services. We can help your campaigns, events or content get the additional traction they need.

Paid advertising process

1. Analysis

We will conduct an analysis on your current web properties or social channels. Using these as the foundation, we will consider how we can best meet your goals with paid advertising.

2. Research and strategy

Using a variety of methods of research, we will find the most targetted way to reach your audience. This is an integral step that ensures our paid media strategies are guided with actual data, which in turn ensures that we can deliver results.

3. Implementation and optimisation

Implementing paid media campaigns often requires a certain level of adjustment and optimisation until they are delivering precisely on your requirements. This is something we will monitor consistently in order to deliver campaigns that serve your business.

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