Professional proofreading and editing services

Because your business communications should never be anything less than perfect

The benefits of proofreading and editing services


Professional content is polished and perfected. This is what we strive for with every proofreading and editing project we assume. There will not be a comma out of place or a misplaced apostrophe.


All communications and content leaving your business will be of optimal quality. This gives you the peace of mind you need to steer your focus to other important business matters.


You won’t have to worry about misleading your audience or communicating in the wrong tone. By having a proofreader run through your content before it goes out, your message will always be clearly defined.

Proofreading and editing is akin to quality control

Preventing you from looking unprofessional in front of your audience

How we do it

It’s quite simple really

The trick to proofreading and editing is to pay attention. We need to understand your business, what your goals are and how this particular piece of content is going to match that. Then we can get down to business.

Proofreading and editing process

1. Read-through

Before we can begin proofreading your content, we need to know what it’s about. We take the time required to fully understand what it is you are trying to communicate before we make a single change.

2. Initial markup

If your content is written in Word, we will track changes throughout the document creating an initial markup. In Google Docs, we will use suggestions. For content in different formats, we will use comments or highlights and annotations. The initial markup will be carried out over the entire document.

We then step away and focus on something else before coming back to it again with fresh eyes. You’d be surprised at how many mistakes you miss the first time around, but never fear… we always pick them up on the second or even third iteration.

3. Confirm consistencies

A skilled proofreader will always have an eagle eye for spotting inconsistencies before anyone else has noticed them. All headings, numbering and nomenclature will be the same across the entire communication, aligned to your style guidelines.

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