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The benefits of SEO


By adhering to best web practice, your business is rewarded over time with greater visibility in search engine results pages. Enhancing your visibility means that more people will find and engage with your content, and with you.


By improving the structure, speed and content of your website from an SEO perspective, you can be sure that your web property will always be a dependable source of information for your customers or audience.


One of the key components of search engine optimisation is ensuring that your website is user-friendly. Google can measure the effectiveness of your content as received by users. If it is serving their best interests, you will benefit.

Our SEO services are completely transparent, ethical and straightforward

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How we do it

SEO is not an exact science, but we understand enough about what works to make it work for you

Archetype Copywriting initially started out as an SEO copywriting business, until we realised that understanding the technicalities of SEO would go a long way to creating premium SEO content.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) process

1. SEO audit

The SEO audit undertakes to determine the current state of your website and how it aligns to the most important ranking factors. It covers technical and content requirements and will provide you with a comprehensive outlook on your current web visibility and standing.

2. SEO strategy

Using the insights gathered from the SEO audit, as well as the requirements of the business, and findings of a competitor analysis, we can devise a concrete SEO strategy to help your business gain momentum on the web.

3. Implementation

Implementing the findings of our SEO audit and specifics of the SEO strategy is an important step in laying the solid foundation for your website and other web properties. Some aspects of the implementation will require the services of a developer. We can provide explicit instructions for your dev team, or you can use the services of someone in our network of freelance professionals. This process will ensure that your website aligns to best web practice, from a content and technical perspective.

4. Ongoing SEO

Once the foundation is set, we continue to work on your web properties through careful monitoring, analysis, addition of content, technical tweaks and constant optimisation improvements. We are completely transparent about the work we do and will report back to you monthly with an update on what was covered and what results we received.

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