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Target the right audience with SEO copywriting tailored to your specific search terms

The benefits of SEO web content


The most obvious benefit of implementing SEO web content is added visibility. In a sea of competitors you need to do what it takes to get closest to the shore.

  • Get noticed
  • Extend your reach
  • Take control of your niche


When SEO copywriting is implemented properly, it is formatted in a way that Google and other search engines appreciate. This means that all your content will appear neat, tidy and polished.

  • Structure your content
  • Maintain consistency
  • Appear professional


The structure and formatting of SEO web content allows it to be easily scanned and taken in by the human eye. Key points are highlighted for your audience to understand quickly.

  • Make content legible
  • Get the point across
  • Keep it simple

How we do it

Our experience in technical SEO guides our process and helps us deliver premium SEO copywriting

Archetype Copywriting has been writing SEO web content since 2007 when it was but a buzz word in South Africa. Over the years our craft has evolved to include multiple copywriting disciplines, specifically social media content, email marketing and article or blog writing. However, our SEO web content services have always stood the course and been our primary focus.

Our understanding of the technical aspects of SEO makes it an interesting and exciting niche to be involved in. We use measurable data to define which terms to make use of on a page to increase click-through rates and user engagement. We want our SEO copy to rank effectively in search engines, but we don’t write for search engines… we write for users while keeping search engines in mind.

SEO web content writing process

1. Sitemap and website structure

Before we begin, we need to know what your site is going to look like and how the hierarchy of pages will be structured. We map out exactly what pages require SEO content, and to do so, we need a signed-off sitemap from you – our client. Once the sitemap is signed off, we have a defined website structure that is ready to be populated with delicious SEO copywriting.

2. Keyword research and meta data write up

Using the signed-off sitemap, we begin the process of conducting keyword research into your niche. Often clients know which terms they want to rank and optimise for, but we like to do a background check to make sure these will be the most beneficial for the business. We also want to ensure that users will actually use those terms to try and find what you offer, so we create a keyword research strategy that validates this.

Once we’ve agreed on the keywords, we write up the meta data for each page, paying careful attention to placement and best web practice.

3. Implementing your SEO web content

This is where our SEO web content services take centre stage and we tie up all the elements into the final, tangible delivery. Using the signed-off keyword research strategy and meta data write-up, we formulate the web content into a product that works for your brand and users. It will have all appropriate HTML markup and the formatting that makes it easy for your users to read and engage with.

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