SEO copywriter
SEO Copywriting
28th October 2021

SEO Copywriter – My Journey To Becoming One

I have always loved writing. It has always been the way that I express myself best. From writing weird and wonderful stories as a child to now following my career…
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outsource business content writing
Content Marketing
9th June 2021

Why You Should Outsource Business Content Writing

Businesses rely on active, professional communication with their clients in order to run effectively. How else would you stay in touch? There are a number of different content requirements that…
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successful freelance writer
Freelance Writing
2nd May 2021

Five Qualities Of Successful Freelance Writers

The digital domain seems to be flooded with freelance scribes. There seem to be SEO copywriting professionals on every website corner, but how many of them are successful freelance writers?…
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how to write title tags
SEO Copywriting
5th August 2020

How To Write Title Tags For Users And Search Engines

It's an ongoing feud - satisfying both user intent and search engines. But if you understand how search engines work, you'll realise that writing content ethically suited to SEO, will…
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Does SEO Copywriting Still Work
SEO Copywriting
24th October 2019

Does SEO Copywriting Still Work?

I have been working in the field of SEO copywriting for 12 years now, and this debate has been front and centre since very early on in my career. It…
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Archetype Copywriting Home Page
2nd May 2018

Yes, this is a new (and awesome) website

Having a web presence is an essential element to making it in the digital world today, even if it's not a website, but some form of social media reference to…
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